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On April 6, 2009 a major earthquake struck the abruzzo region of Italy and partially destroyed the town of L'Aquila and its surrondings.

In a few seconds, thousands of people found themselves homeless and enough trauma to last a lifetime.

April 7, 2009, the non-profit organization California for L'Aquila Earthquake Fund was created. Its purpose is to raise awareness and funds for the people of L'Aquila through a startling photography exhibit and cultural projects.

You are invinted to look, feel, and buy these powerfull images. Here is your opputunity to do something about this terrible tragedy.

Every image in our
gallery is available for $40. Once you have placed your order, a 9"x14" high quality inkject print(s) will be sent to the place your choosing.

We greatly appreciate your support....

First exhibit in Los Angeles.

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